Data Entry (Online/Offline)

Rajinfo Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. is India based one of the leading professional and experienced Data Entry Outsourcing and Back Office Support Service provider across the globe. We at Rajinfo Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. being based at Jaipur provide all type of data entry services across the globe. Our services of data entry includes online data entry and offline data entry. In addition Rajinfo Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. provides the services of Data Capturing, Data Processing, Data Conversion, Form Processing,Scanning, Digitization, Accounting Data Entry, Image Scanning and Indexing. Having more than 5 years of Data Entry experience are able to take the projects of any volume and complexity. We are focused on providing best back office support services to our clients with the support of state of the art infrastructure, professional and highly skilled & dedicated team of manpower.

In today’s scenario, precise & efficient data entry acting key role to create significant information for making intelligent business decisions. Rajinfo Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. Outsourcing Services makes your data entry services easy. We deliver quicker, accurate and cost-effective online & offline data entry services, file archiving services with an offshore center in Jaipur, India. Our data entry experts have a vast typing pace with high correctness and are practiced.

We have been developing classy tools that help the clientele in achieving their targets. We make an effort in stellar client service and are prepared to go beyond your prospect. You can self-assuredly outsource data entry projects with Rajinfo Technology Services Pvt. Ltd.. We concentrate in accurate professional data entry from any arrangement, whether it is hand written originals, typed replica, online sources. Rajinfo Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. understands that the clientele will have different goals in terms of best data entry services so we bespoke our solutions in such a way that it meets the precise necessities of the customers.

Our Data Entry Solutions 

Online Data Entry :- We are sound experienced to handle CMS, CRM or database projects.

Offline Data Entry :- We have Capabilities to use Macros to make job quicker, and we work on both easy and complicated projects.

Image Data Entry :- Over 100+ happy customers from different industries.

E-Book Data Entry :- We assures you the perfect services to achieve your goals.

Data Extraction :- Better efficiency in managing online and offline data extraction services with first class validation.

Copy/Paste :- We also employ automatic systems to faster the procedure of no. of records that can be processed.

Document Management :- Great ways to keep your document report into digitals that allows you search & recover documents.

Document Data Entry :- Experts in running data from online and offline sources such as MS Word, MS Excel & others.