Rajinfo Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. is India based one of the leading Global business support service provider for data collection, market surveys, Translation, Transcription, Interpretation, Plug and Play BPO Call Center setup for Rent or Lease in Jaipur as well as manpower outsourcing and manpower placement. In such a short span of time, growth of Rajinfo Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. has proved its competency by earning appreciation, building faith; confidence with clients by providing quality services in a time bound manner. Rajinfo Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. is committed to deliver professional and quality back office business support service for Data Collection, Conducting Surveys, Translation, Transcription, Interpretation and all other back office & secretarial as well as manpower outsourcing including payroll processing and manpower placement.

What are business support services ?

Business support services are the services which help you in focusing on your core areas of business operation by providing you support services of the business through outsourcing. The business support services include outsourcing of non-core area activities to the companies who are dedicated for providing such services and this process of outsourcing helps business operators to concentrate on your main areas of operation which in turn gives you the result in the form of more productivity and quality. We at Rajinfo Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. are focused on providing you with best quality outsourcing solution for Data Collection, Market Research/Survey, Translation, Transcription, Interpretation and highly skilled and reliable manpower services including payroll processing or manpower placement.

Importance of outsourcing in the words of:-

Lee Kuan Yew : “If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business.”

Thomas L. Friedman : “The best companies outsource to win, not to shrink. They outsource to innovate faster.”

Jack Welch : “A truly global company is one, that uses intellect and resources of every corner of world. India is a developed country as far as intellect capital and human resource is concerned.”

Tom Peters, Management Guru : “Do what you can do the best and outsource the rest.”

How is outsourcing beneficial to an organization

Cut costs and save BIG!

One of the primary reasons why a business may want to outsource a task is when it requires skilled expertise. This skill set may not be a core competency of its business. To allow you to focus on your core mission in providing a high quality product and service to your customer what makes sense is off-shoring the task to people can perform it better. Moreover, as a double whammy, you not only spend less on employee training and save precious man-hours but cut costs as well.

Rajinfo Technology Services has dedicated teams to provide wide range of outsourcing services such Data Collection, Market Research/Survey, Translation, Localisation, Interpretation and Back Office Support. This help us offer specialised business process outsourcing solutions to clients globally. We leverage on our multi-domain expertise and skills across variegated industry verticals and technologies to achieve superior quality and unmatched proficiency in the outsourced process.

Focus on core activities

Workload increases due to non-core functions and the quality of your core activities suffers as your business grows. Outsourcing to a third party in such scenario plays an important role by allowing your key resources to focus on primary business tasks.

Better Risk Management

Outsourcing will allow you to share any associated risks with your outsourcing partners. For example – by outsourcing to a competent outsourcing partner you reduce the risk involved in having the same task done in-house by staff who is not professional of that area.

Increasing in-house efficiency

After you allocate tasks to your outsourcing partner, they share the workload of your employees. This allows you to develop your internal task force and use them more efficiently.

Run your business round the clock

Offshore outsourcing to a country like India, which is on a different time zone, gives you the added advantage of making full use of your clock. Since your night is their day, your outsourcing partner can take over and continue your work even after your employees go home and to bed. They can complete critical tasks and send it back for your review the next day. So the benefit of outsourcing here is that you get more work done in a day, increasing your overall productivity. A round the clock customer support is a dream come true for your customers and this can be fully realized through offshore outsourcing.

Staffing Flexibility

Outsourcing certain independent tasks allows your business to maintain a financial flexibility when there is an uncertainty in demand. You can scale up or down comfortably. At a much lower cost, offshore outsourcing partner provides you the additional benefit of running your business in full throttle even during off season and rainy days.

Improved services and delighted the customers

Your outsourcing partner, with their skilled expertise will produce quality deliverable faster, increasing your turn around time to the customer. With on-time deliveries and high-quality services your customers will be delighted! Outsourcing can help you benefit from increased customer satisfaction and thus creating a stream of loyal customers.

Give your business a competitive edge

The ultimate benefit of outsourcing is that it helps your organization gain a competitive edge in the market. Through strategic outsourcing to an outsourcing partner, you are not only providing your customers with best-of breed services, but increasing your productivity while managing your in-house resources intelligently. Outsourcing can help you surpass competitors who have not yet realized the benefits of outsourcing.

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