Legal Transcription – An Emerging Need of Time

Due to increase in population and decrease in resources; crime rate has increased drastically and resultantly courts in India are overloaded by pending cases. Digitization in judicary can play a pivotal role in early disposal of pending cases and transcription of electronic evidences as well as court proceedings can be one of them. In order to the same if, you are looking for a reliable agency that values the confidentiality as well as privacy of your data and information while offering you legal Translation and Legal Transcription services then your search stops at us. We are a company offering audio recording transcription, video recording transcription, mobile call recording transcription, and all other electronic evidence translation, and transcription services in India since 2009. With our professional team of translators and transcribers; we can assure you of the best in the industry timebound and 100% human transcription and translation services at reasonable rates. In today’s time electronic evidence such as mobile call recordings, CCTV footage, Emails, Mobile Text Messages, WhatsApp Messages, WhatsApp call recordings or recordings made through any other electronic media can be used as electronic evidence before the court of law, investigating agency or any other departments to rely upon and consideration while giving judgement. These type of evidences are admissible before every court of law in India since 2000 but due to lack of awareness on the same victims usually depend upon eyewitnesses as well as documentary evidences, which hamper or delays the proceeding of the court as well as accumulation of pending cases in various courts in India.

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