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“Success depends upon the people we have with us, who will help us grow, perform and succeed and RITS is here to do this for you.”

Rajinfo Technology Services Private Limited is one of its kind Manpower Outsourcing solution provider who has its own skill center to provide skilled HR outsourcing services manpower as per your specific needs so that you do not have to spend on making staff workable as per your organizational needs.

We closely work with you to assess your manpower needs with required skill set to train them at our skill center before deployment. We are one of the most reliable staffing companies in Jaipur because of having local presence with global reach. Further we are focused only in our core staffing areas which are restricted to entry level staffing.

Why are we unique: We have World Class Training & Skill Center for Corporate Communication, Customer Service, Life Skills, Computer Skills and place only upon completion of on the job training.

HR Solutions

Regular Staffing

Regular staffing is the staffing wherein organizations want to best manpower outsourcing company in India for their long term staffing needs including payroll and Labour Law Compliance. We at Rajinfo Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. do provide staff for the long term also.

Project Staffing

Project staffing is the manpower need of organizations wherein organizations want to outsource their manpower needs for project period including compliance. This project duration may be from 1 month to 12 months.

Adhoc Staffing

Adhoc Staffing or contingent staffing is the manpower need where organizations have instant manpower requirements for any event such as training, meeting, conference, workshop, seminar, fair, or for special purposes that maybe even for a single day or any number of days based on the requirement.

Human Resources Outsourcing Services India

Businesses around the world, are continuously under the scrutiny of government and lawmakers when it comes to employee policies. As the laws get frequently updated, so, it is at times difficult for a business to manage compliance. It often becomes difficult for organizations to remain up-to-date with the new-age technologies, laws and methodologies. Therefore, for compliance and reduced business risks, the professionals have to be engaged. These Business risks could be deterred by acquiring human resources outsourcing services in India.

What does the outsourcing firms do?

The outsourcing firms employ those HR professionals who have an understanding of the latest laws and services. Moreover, as the services get outsourced, the companies are ensured of acquiring uninterrupted services. In short, the HR services upon being outsourced, engage a pool of talent that knows the latest law and other business-related trends and changes within the market. Are you looking to hire the best outsourcing team? If yes, hire us. We can provide you with efficient outsourcing services and let you remain compliant and effective, always!

We have a knack for compliance and laws. We also believe in serving you professionally and efficiently. Engage our cost-friendly services and see the difference for yourself.

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Success depends upon the people we have with us,
who will help us grow, perform and succeed and RITS'is here to do this for you.

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