Transcription – The Need of Time

Introduction and Use of TranscriptionLanguage Solutions
The transcription service is one of its kind professional business service in which recorded audio or video speeches are converted to text documents that may be of any kind such as one to one discussion, one to group discussion, debates, dictations, speeches, teaching lessons, meetings, interviews and for online audio books, biography and many more.

With the spread of Technology need of transcription has increased immensely. As earlier people used to learn stenography or short-hand but now the time has gone when people used to write long dictations on papers or hard copies and then used to convert them to text by manually typing wherein there were scope of errors due to human interfere But in today’s time of technology, things have changed completely and people have started recording speeches, interviews, discussions for further use. The most advantageous thing about transcription is it is self evident and sustainable evidence to support the authenticity.

Even the Courts of Law have also started admitting transcripts of recorded audio and video as an electronic evidences under section 65B of Indian Evidence Act and is trending rapidly now a days. These kind of transcripts are very authentic to prove the facts without any kind of ifs and buts as far as these are not forged.

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