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As; day by day India is becoming self reliant in almost all the sectors of business as well as service with the slogan of Vocal for local and now globally has become one of the best choices for foreign direct investment (FDI) due to having visionary and stable government in the country. Also, the Government is focused on ease of doing business and initiating lot many schemes for MSME sector who is one of the largest employment generator in the nation. This developmental vision of the government has boosted national and international entrepreneurs to invest in the nation. Inline to support the same toward national common goal Rajinfo Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. has been providing one stop outsourcing solution that includes Language Solution, Data Solution & HR Solution. The language which is one of the biggest barriers for any of the enterprise to start in any nation of the world and we at Rajinfo Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. are there to help you in the same. Being ISO certified language service provider; we are committed to provider professional Translation & transcription services for almost all the Asian & European language pairs. Hence if you are looking for reliable and professional translation or transcription company please visit our website or contact us.

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